level 2 Sprint 3, INV02 module-need help :)



For module name INV02 in sprint 3 , level 2 , can you please help to check and help me with a hint ? I do not understand why does not bring sames values in INV02 Safety stock count flag as in INV01Safety Stock Exception Count.

Souldn't those values be the same after mapping ?


  • @AndraMinzala

    1st you dont need to sum with respect to the product family as they would be auto aggregated at the P1 level

    2nd it brings you total at P1 product family level so your count is getting aggregated . Let me know if that helps

  • So I've changed the formula but still no corect values :(

  • @AndraMinzala They are correct as you aggregate values at country level ,review your system module and see how many p3SKU chocolates belong to US

  • Hi @AndraMinzala ,

    The values you are getting is seems to fine to me.

    Attaching screenshot for your reference.