confirm something about G4T Territory>Account#

hi, thank you for attention. I want to confirm something about G4T Territory>Account#

1 Is this statement right?
The Country of an Account had been told.
The Country of a Territory had also been told.
Therefor, for the numbered list "G4T Territory>Account#", The children(the Accounts) of a Territory, must be the Accounts in the same county with the territory.
All the Territories, have all Accounts as their children.
The code of one of the child Account, should be "TerritoryCode_AccountCode", which is combined by the Territory code and Account code.
Take Japan as an example, which has 2 territories and 6 Accounts, the quantity of "G4T Territory>Account#" list of Japan is 2*6=12

2 Is this statement right?
The Location of an Account had been told.
About the Location, we only konw its country.
About Territory, we also only konw its country.
The hierarchy relationship of Territory and Location, never been told to us. There are no hierarchy relationship between the two of them.
We needn't to consider the hierarchy relationship of Territory and Location, it's nothing to do with the porcess of Assigning Accounts to Territories.

About the assignment, I want to ask which one is rigth:
Case A, An Account is the target, we assign/give a Territory to an Account, as the Account's property.
Case B, A Territory is the target, we put many Accounts under the territory, as the children of the Territory.

For example, In Japan

There are two Territories, (JA Metro, JA Other)
There are six Accounts, (Meecandy, Lacandy, Cogicandy, Candyer, Voochocolate, Achocolate)
For every Territory, it has all Accounts of its own country as its children
it indicates, if you want to assign/give a Territory to an Account, the territory should be the parent of the account. -----Case A
Say it in another way, you can give "JA Other" to Meecandy, Lacandy, Cogicandy, under the JA Other .
and, give "JA Metro" to Candyer, Voochocolate, Achocolate, under the JA Metro .
if you give JA Other to Cogicandy under JA Other , and also give JA Metro to Cogicandy under JA Metro, then it turns red


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  • BrunoRodriguez
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    Hello @Livy ,

    Please find below my answers:

    1. Yes, it is exactly the same process.
    2. It is not like Anaplan will ever stop you from doing anything. You can even continue as you are doing and only some items will have data within the modules. HOWEVER, the build will be suboptimal due to the excess in space that you will be using.

    I believe the file called "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv" has the relationship that you are after. Please check whether you have downloaded it or not yet.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • BrunoRodriguez
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    Hello @Livy ,

    You are certainly almost there!

    If you use the file mentioned in a module dimensioned by G3T and Accounts, you could import it and identify what are the correct combinations. Once you know that, you could create the new code following that criteria.

    Hope that helped!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • BrunoRodriguez
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    Hello @Livy,

    It is advised that any data transformation should take place in the datahub and then brought into the spoke model.

    You may find some extra information here - link.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez


  • Hello @Livy ,

    Nice job, that is a fantastic first step!

    Without diving too much in the level 3 considerations, which we cannot answer in the community. There is one thing you need to consider. Every account can only be in a location. Hence, you cannot have Meecandy in JA metro and JA Other.

    I hope that thelps!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @BrunoRodriguez Thank you very much for answering my question~

    but about "Every account can only be in a location", this infomation has been given as the very first, it is the default info in module "SYS02 Account Details". but there is no relation between territory and location, so it is confusing.

    could I confirm something with you ? nothing about the directly answer, just want to know if I am right till now

    1 I imported from datahub to create the list "G4T Territory>Account#" in sprint 2, as the same step as the creation of "A2 Account>Product#" which was taught in sprint 1. Is it right?

    I also filtered out the accounts which do not belong the territory's country

    2 "Hence, you cannot have Meecandy in JA metro and JA Other." this is true, I think so too.

    but, it is just mesns "It is wrong, if you do that, is will be red", not mesns "you can not do that setting"

    Is the "Wrong" colunm correct for the building?

    3 In the learning course, shoud I reference the forward chapter to do the current building?

    Thank you very much!

  • @BrunoRodriguez OH~~Thank you so much! your solved so many doubts of mine.

    but still…… I wonder that…..I believe, by the "A2 Account>Product#" way, I can never got a "G4T Territory>Account#" list like "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv"

    only if, I import the "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv" to the datahub, and do some filter, then I import the filtered module into the list in the spoke model……….Am I on the right way? I will try it, Thank you again!

  • @BrunoRodriguez I made a big progress! Thanks to your very helpful advice!

    1 In Datahub: I use two flat lists (Territory and Account) to create a module, then import the "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv", then I filtered out the blank rows to make a source SavedView

    2 In spoke model, for the G4T_Territory>Account# list, I import from datahub. finally I got a likely list ! but soon , I find the tricky part, there are two Candyose in the list. but still, I believe by now, I am on the right path

    3 I do the building with "QUO01_Territory>Account_Validation" and "QUO02 Account Over Assignment".

    after some steps, I made the modules here.

    The next will be give the duplicated cell some color, and the tricky Candyose is still a problet to solve.

    I want to make sure:

    1 Please please please tell me that I am right till now, the duplicated Candyose is just set by purpose for training?

    2 for creating the G4T_Territory>Account#, which is the best practice?

    Make the source in datahub then import it by the spoke model list, or, make and import it both on spoke side?

    Again, you are really very kind and patient, and your words always hit on the very key point!😁

  • Hello @Livy ,

    Congrats! You have it sorted! Yes, there are duplications and other issues that you will have to resolve afterwards, but congrats you have made it!


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @BrunoRodriguez I am so happy to hear that!

    for creating the G4T_Territory>Account#, which is the best practice?

    Make the source in datahub then import it by the spoke model list, or, make and import it both on spoke side?

    shoud I always follow the steps, 1 datahub to spoke , or 2 sometimes it's ok to do all building in spoke?

    is there a simple principle for deciding the structure design? Thank you!

  • @BrunoRodriguez and @Livy - Hi. For the G4T List - is the expectation that we delete the list from spoke first and then we import from DH based on the CYW Scenario Territory to Accounts data file? My view in the DH looks exactly like Livy but if i run the import to spoke without deleting the list, i am not getting Candyose only twice. I am seeing it like many many times. Looks like what Livy did above is he created another G4T list. Are we supposed to do two lists? I am so confused and frustrated, such unclear expectations from this training

  • Hello @[email protected] ,

    Have you used the filters discussed above in the DH? Those should stop the multiple items from flowing through.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @[email protected] @BrunoRodriguez

    before the point of s2.4.4 , I think we can never built a list like "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv"

    by ourselves, the best try I could do was just filtering out the accounts which were not in the same country with the territory,

    about the info of which account belong which territory, you never knew.

    want to decide it by location? never….

    Thanks to @BrunoRodriguez, thanks again! just use "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv", import it directly without struggling…..

    by the way…the same situation will happen severl times after…

    ex. the calculation of service years…

    good luck…

  • @BrunoRodriguez - yes - the view in the DH looks just like Livy - and i can see count of 150 records. However my list in spoke already have 5302 members including the parent hierarchies. When i run the action DH to spoke, i do get 150 updated. But because the list in spoke has 5K+ members, even when i run the import, i am still getting candyose a lot of time, whereas Livy is showing it only twice in his list. SO i am confused - what is the expectation - am i supposed to delete all the 5K members and run the import with only 150?

  • Hello @[email protected] ,

    Are you creating all the possible accounts for each Territory? I believe that could be the case. You need to create only those entries that are valid.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @Livy - sorry i am not really understanding your post. "just use "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv", import it directly without struggling….." - Import it directly where? You did a DH to spoke list to list import? Or did you import the file somewhere else. This is so so so confusing and SO unrealistic. I am so frustrated with this l3 exam.

  • @BrunoRodriguez - sorry i dont understand your feedback? In the DH, with the filter applied i get 150 possible members. View in the DH. In spoke after the import because i have 5000K existing members, based on the view only 150 get updated. WHich in real life makes sense. But this exam wants only 150 members to be created else with the existing list i will never get to the outcome they are looking for.  am i supposed to delete all the 5K members and run the import with only 150?

  • Hello @[email protected],

    Have patience with level 3. It is complicated because it is not giving you the answers - and the requirements could be improved a bit- but it is similar to real life experience where you could have a SA not giving you the whole picture.

    As for the specific story, I am curious as to why it is not working for you if the DH is correct. Let's do a few things:

    1. Clear your list in the spoke model so it goes down to 0 items in the specific Territory>Account list - do not delete the levels above.
    2. Make sure that the filter is applied in your saved view in the DH.
    3. Import it again into the spoke model.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @BrunoRodriguez - that is what i wanted to make sure that it is ok to do - to clear the list in spoke. The directions didn't specify to do so and I am always hesitant on clearing lists unless i am absolutely told to do so or unless i have discussed with my SA.

    Thank you, clearing the list in spoke and reimporting worked for me.

  • Hello @[email protected]

    just jump to after lesson to find it

    It is really very bad arrangement for a training lesson…