Is there a way to send context through a MAILTO function?


Has anyone found a way to send a MAILTO email with specific conext filters?

For example, I would like to send a request to my dept manager. I have a MAILTO setup that will send to the right person based on the dept we're in now. This is setup in the Dept Properties module.

But I would like the Request ID (numbered list) to be sent also so that when they click on their specific approval dashboard, they should only see that one request.


  • Hello @DeepakK ,

    As part of the body of the email you can concatenate text.

    For instance you could have a line item in the module called "Request ID" and have the following in the body in the message:

    • "Hello, please note that a Request has been submitted with the following ID: " & Request ID & ". Please review it and notify accordingly".

    Request ID would be defined based on the page selectors. Would that be what you are after?


  • @BrunoRodriguez

    I tried this but the Request ID is in a different module than the Dept Properties module. They don't share the same dimensions.

    I tried using a lookup and SUM with a lookup but got a toaster. Any ideas?

  • @DeepakK ,

    Is there any relationship betweent the Dept Properties module and Request ID?

  • The Dept would be the parent of the request ID. I have lookups for it.

  • Hello @DeepakK ,

    Can you try to create the MAILTO in the Request ID module? Any information that you need from the Dept Properties, you should be able to get it in that module through a LOOKUP in a Line Item formated in that module as Dept.

    Please let me know if that works.

  • This makes it better. But still, it formats as a text for the number and name.

    That link won't actually hold the #75.

  • Hello @DeepakK .

    Yes, you are right. You will notify them what to review, but unless you have Selective Access, DCAs or filters they cannot be automatically directed to a shortlist of items.
    I do not believe the page selectors can be filtered out based on the email, but if that is the case, hopefully someone else will be able to shed some light.


  • All good @BrunoRodriguez No need to apologize.

    This was a great idea and at least gets me closer to end goal. Better than having nothing there at all.

  • Hello @DeepakK ,

    I have just thought that you could submit an Idea to request it in further releases.