Writing information back to a blank module


I have an idea that I'm hoping can be done. I can't think of a way to do this now.

I have a module at a Job level. I would like to write all the details of a particular job (Name, Code, location, salary) into a blank module that is not dimensioned by Job.

I need this because I want to track a history of requests (i.e. I can request a new FTE for Job A, run an Action to populate a row in blank list and then store that job. Next month, if I need a new FTE for same job, I repeat same process but it will create another record in the blank module). I want to see a running history of all requests made against that job for new FTEs.

Any thoughts?

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  • rob_marshall
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    I am confused, which piece are you trying to clear, the one in the Request list or the one the users are filling out? if it is the latter, then you can do a finditem("Request", code) using the code you created and if that is not blank, then you can delete it as the isnotblank(finditem line item) will produce a boolean.



  • @DeepakK

    I am confused by the blank module and why it is needed…Would this work for you?

    • Create a list (Requests)
    • When the person finalizes the request, create a process that does the following
      • creates a code for the member in the current hierarchy
      • inserts all relevant information into the Request list and SYS module. The code "could" be parent_joblevel_counter. The counter is manufactured by using a Count line item hard coded to 1, with summary turned on (SUM). Since the record is already created, do a lookup to the parent to see what the "total" is for count and append that to the suffix of the Request code.
      • Also, in the Request SYS module, load in the newly created code to a list formatted line item linking back to the original record created by the user

    Does that work for you?

  • @rob_marshall

    This could work. Let me try it out today. Got caught up with other issues.

  • @rob_marshall

    I can't choose a dashboard to open my Create Action into. I even setup a simple one where all I show is a module that has the Request list as dimension. What am I missing?

    Where are these default dashboards coming from?

  • @rob_marshall

    Your solution worked really well! Thank you!

    I abandoned my Create Action above. I realized that the new UX has teh Form option in the Action button.

    Instead I added the counter and appended it to Parent, Job and Current date to create a unique record that would also allow more than one request. I can now get all the information to the right module and display it.

    But I'm stuck on the final step: I need to clear the original requests at Dept level. Is there way to selectively clear? I can use the Clear module by sending 0. But that wipes out all depts.

  • @rob_marshall

    It's the latter. You can see original request screen where they can make a request to change up Jobs within the Dept.

    This feeds the "Requests" list with the unique code you suggested. Once that is created, this grid needs to clear.

    I'll try your FINDITEM solution. Thanks!