Find if List member exists in List formatted Line Item

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I'm struggling with this problem: I have a module named "Example" using two dimensions: "Dummy" and "Test". It contains a line item called "Item" which is formatted as "Product", Product being a list.

I would like to create a subset of only the products that have been used in this module but cannot find a way to make it work. The way I would create the subset is with a SYS module that has Product as a dimension and a Boolean line item named "Included" that would be checked when Product is used in Example.

Can anyone help me find the formula to write in "Included" ?

See below the module in question: In that case my SYS module would check only Products A, B and D

Thanks a lot !

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  • andrewtye
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    Hi @QZ

    If you put in a boolean line item into your module and have it being true if item is not blank

    Then in your SYS module for product have a line item which is Boolean[ANY: Example.Item] and then can have an import into the list subset

    Hope that helps


  • Venki9902
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    Hi @QZ ,

    Please find the steps below for creating a subset using the Sys module.
    1. Add one more line item in your example module called "Boolean" and formula should be "isnotblank(Item)".

    2. In your sys module the formula you can use the below formula.

    3.Goto your product dimension β€”>Import β€”> Select Sys Product Module(Your moule name).

    @andrewtye Thank you for your response 😊.

    Hope this helps :).



  • QZ

    Hello Andrew, Venkatesh,

    This works perfectly thank you very much both !