Is there a way to Sum from TIMESUMmed amount?

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I have a module that is getting the data via a TIMESUM formula. It's causing an issue since it was not summed up by the dimension. So I'm changing the formula and trying to include a SUM string but it's returning an error: An expression or constant may not be used as argument 1 of the function TIMESUM.

TIMESUM(SourceModule.Amount[SUM: SourceModule.Dimension], Time Assumptions.Start, Time Assumptions.End) 

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  • PhilippErkinger

    Such arguments are not allowed in Anaplan. You have to split it into two modules / line items.

    Line Item 1: SourceModule.Amount[SUM: SourceModule.Dimension]

    Line Item 2: TIMESUM(Line Item 1, Time Assumptions.Start, Time Assumptions.End) 


  • jspascual
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    Yes. This is what I did… there should be an immediate line item to the summation first. Thanks for confirming.. :)