Saving changes to selections on a Dashboard


On a dashboard, you may want to hide or show additional rows or columns. If you make any changes to your selections, and close the dashboard, your changes will be lost. In order to save changes to selections, you can go into Page Selector Options, uncheck the 'Show module name' button and click 'OK'. Then go back in to Page Selector Options and check 'Show module name' button again and click 'OK'. This will save any changes made to selections even when you close the dashboard or log out.



  • This has always worked well for me. I seem to be having trouble with it as of late? Does it still work for you?
  • Hi Pam,

    Yes, unfortunately this trick no longer works due to an update on dashboard behavior. Now you must go back to the module, hide columns there, and then re-add the view to the dashboard.