How to Select the Current Fiscal Year



I have a data module that lands data in a monthly basis.

I then created a module that has Q1 to Q4 line items - the intention is to get the data from Mar 23 for Q1, Jun 23 for Q2, etc.

So I then created a module with the below line items and with the year as my time dimension and put a formula in each of them so the Mmm YY is automatic in each of them:

In my target module, formula for Q1 line item is below:

DataModule.LineItem[LOOKUP: System Module.'1st Qtr Month Lookup']

I would like to specifically get the amount from my data module from Mar 23 and place it in Q1 target module, but the amount does not show up. If I removed the Time dimension, and manually put in Mar 23 for 1st Qtr Month Lookup, Jun 23 for 2nd Qtr Month Lookup, etc. above, then I will get the amount.

Thanks a lot…

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  • jspascual
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    Thanks for your time, @BrunoRodriguez

    This conversation helped me to start thinking - I ended up putting the Year dimension to my target. Which is what I need really. It's just a staging module anyway, and it was picked up fine now by my final target module. Thanks.


  • Hello @jspascual ,

    Does your FY go from Jan to Dec? If so, cannot you just change the summary of the line item to closing balance?

    This would have a side effect on the number at the financial year level, but it it is required you could resolve it using ratio.

    I hope the above makes sense!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Thanks for the prompt notice, @BrunoRodriguez

    Unfortunately, my target module does not have time dimension. It just contains Q1 to Q4 line items:

  • Hello @jspascual,

    Thanks for the response, that helps understanding the issue!

    I would suggest doing the below manually and - if it works - then try to automate it.

    I believe you need a module dimensioned by the list that contains the quarters and a line item dimensioned by Month. Once you have that, you can use that as the LOOKUP to drive the data in your target module.

    Once you reach that stage, the next step would be to give a different entry for each year. Would it be fair to understand that you have Year (native) and Quarter (Fake Quarter) as dimensions in your target module? If so, then just add Year to the module that you are using for the mapping that drives the LOOKUP.

    Hope that makes sense!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • You cannot get current fiscal year in any programmatic way in anaplan, unless you build a dedicated integration.

    I would suggest to set up and use current period to select your model current year (and it can be update with a line item selection and an action)

    Once you have that, you can set up your 4 line items for lookups easily with currentperiod*() formulas (like period(currentperiodend()) to reference each quarters end month for your model current year