How do we take the Current User and apply a filter on a view?


We have created a module SYS11: Current User with dimension Users. Per the instructions found we set in Blueprint Users List = Show all users:Off
Now we want to take that user and apply a filter to Sales Detail on UX page to show only the transactions related to that logged in user.
We are struggling to figure out how to make that happen.
Any suggestions?

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  • Venki9902
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    Hi @RogerCraig ,

    Hope the below screenshots helps you:
    Step1: I have created a module which has 5 line items.

    Step2:Create a line item subset and select the all the line items.

    Step3:Create a mapping module and select the line items which user wants.

    Step4 : Apply the mapping filter in module1,save a view and you case publish in dashboard.

    Hope this helps :)


  • BrunoRodriguez

    Hello @RogerCraig ,

    Just to add upon what @Venki9902 has provided and tailor it a bit more to your specific case. Please find below:

    This is what I believe you have - Transactions with a line item that identifies what user is responsible for them? (Module dimensioned only with transactions)

    You need to create the following - a module dimensioned by transaction and user:

    Where you are basically comparing ITEM('Users') with the Line item "User" in the other module.

    I hope that helped!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • BrunoRodriguez

    hello @RogerCraig ,

    I would suggest creating a module dimensioned by sales, where you use a line item formatted as Customer Location to bring the Sales Personnel using a LOOKUP. As the entries could change monthly, I guess you would also need to have month as a dimension.

    Then you should get a sales , month dimensioned module and repeat what I did in the second figure. Getting a Boolean for each sale and month.

    I hope the above makes sense.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • RogerCraig
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    Options Yes that does make sense. In my explanation I was trying to condense the story line of how we present the data above. We are actually presenting the sales data from a 2nd module already INP03 which is dimensioned by Customer with a month timescale and yes we are bringing the personnel in via a LOOKUP.
    I think the piece we were missing is the filter you proposed above.
    Thank you for that! We'll give that a spin.


  • Thank you Venkatesh! We will give that a shot.

  • Venki9902 and BrunoRodriguez thank you both!!
    Bruno I think you're a mind reader… 🙂 I actually was just thinking about that. Our sales detail module DAT00: Sales Fact is dimensioned on list Sales Fact which has a Parent Hierarchy (list: Customer Location). Our sales personnel are assigned to these Customer Location's which can change monthly, but we only want the most currently assigned sales associate to see the customer's order details.
    As far as identifying who the most currently assigned associate is is already covered.
    We simply want to identify the person logged into the session and filter the UX page results for DAT00: Sales Fact based on that logged in person's user id (email address) matching that most currently assigned associate.
    Does that require a new Module? Or can that be handled in the existing DAT00: Sales Fact module?

  • I just got off a call with my partner @perenglundus with whom I'm working on this opportunity. We went over the tips you provided and it does seem that we were actually doing exactly what you and @venki9902 were suggesting. There were just small parts we were missing. We were seriously overthinking it.
    We were getting hung up on how our new SYS11: Current User module would be able to handle hundreds on users if the blueprint definition Users List is set to Show All Users: Off
    As you know the Users in Anaplan are essentially email addresses. But though we've always had the employee's email address in our DAT02: Employees module, we've always focused more on the unique employee id associated with a employee.
    So our missing piece turned out to be taking the Anaplan user id (email address) from SYS11: Current User module and looking up on the unique employee id on DAT02: Employees module.

    In our data warehouse and ERP, salesman codes are associated to a customer / shipto.
    There are inside codes and outside codes. All are unique and each customer / shipto can be assigned an outside and/or inside code. Those salesman codes can be assigned to a human or they can be defined as "house" salesman codes. (We do not pay commission on "house" codes).
    The non-"house" codes are assigned to unique employee id's.
    So once we got the employee id's tied to the SYS11: Current User we had what we needed.
    Thanks so much for responding and helping us (both of you).

  • Hello @RogerCraig ,

    Happy to have helped. Often the best solution is the easiest with Anaplan.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez