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Hello Community,

I´m trying to get in a module from a formula to know if an employee has for reporting only and distributor accounts here is my formula:

Here is the module from where i want to pool the info:

Not sure why but my formula on the Has report only or distributors accounts are not working as intended, not sure if it has something to do with the dimensions of the modules.

Thanks for the help

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  • rob_marshall
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    For the Reporting Only, change the summary from NONE to ANY and remove the IF statement for the same reason above.


  • @JosAngel94

    We are gonna need a bit more info, like the full formula of Has Distributor accounts?

  • Sorry for that here they are @rob_marshall

    Has Report Only Account? Formula:

    IF 'OUT/ACC01: Account Assignment Review'.Reporting Only[LOOKUP: Employee] THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    Has Distributor Account? Formula:

    IF 'OUT/ACC01: Account Assignment Review'.Distributor[LOOKUP: Employee] = 1 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

  • Hello @JosAngel94,

    I agree with @rob_marshall, we need something else.

    However, after looking at it, I wonder whether what you are trying is to take a boolean from a L2 in a hierarchy into a L4 of the same hierarchy. If that is the case, you need to have a line item formated as L2 in a Module dimesioned by L4. If you use that as LOOKUP, you should be able to get the boolean down to level 4.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @JosAngel94

    Try changing the formula to:

     'OUT/ACC01: Account Assignment Review'.Distributor[LOOKUP: Employee] > 0

    for a couple of reasons:

    •  you don't need the IF/THEN statement
    • the data you are looking up has a summary method of SUM, and you currently have the if/then looking to see if it is equal 1. Basically, your current formula is saying if it is any number other than 1, be false.

  • Thanks @rob_marshall that helped for the distributor accounts, but not for the report only accounts. this are boolean and with a summary of none so I would guess here an IF is the way to got but not working