Reports Not Rendering Properly on Mobile App

I've noticed that reports don't show up in the same way on Mobile that they would on the web…e.g. when using KPI's w conditional formatting, on the web we get a little colorful ball on the side, which doesn't appear in the mobile app.

Also, i have a grid w two fields in the rows & on the web it displays nicely w formatting, however on mobile it drops one of the headers & the formatting.

Not clear whether this is intentional or not, but think that from a user perspective mobile app & web should show the same views. Welcome any thoughts. thanks!


  • Paigehowarth
    edited May 16

    The difference in the display and formatting of reports between the web and mobile app versions could be due to various factors, including design considerations, limitations of the mobile platform, or intentional differences in user experience. While it is ideal for the mobile app and web versions to provide consistent views, it's possible that certain features or formatting options may not be fully supported or optimized for mobile devices.

    To ensure a consistent user experience, it would be beneficial to consult the documentation or support resources for the specific reporting tool or platform you are using. They may provide insights into any known limitations or recommendations for creating reports that are compatible with both web and mobile platforms. Additionally, reaching out to the support team or community forums for the reporting tool could help gather more information and potential workarounds to achieve the desired consistency in report display across different devices.