Get the values from one cell data to another cell


Hi Please go through the screen shot

source: it is input by the user

Target : we have period dimesion . now i bring down the data from p2 to p13 at what they inputed.

for Dp1 conventional. they want take value from CV vol coff -conventional. for organic they want to take from og vol coff .

in sys module i will add another two line item to assign or map CV vol coff & og vol coff . is that correct way


  • hello @kishoreanimi ,

    Have you tried reproducing the mapping and making an if statement where if it is conventional it should use one mapping and if it is organic it should be another mapping?


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @BrunoRodriguez

    Better yet, create a LISS (Line Item Subset), have a mapping to link to the LISS and just do a lookup on that mapping.