Page selections and synchronization


Hi Anaplanners,

So I have a Region List (R1) and project list (R2) rolling up to these Regions. Within R1, we identify special regions using a boolean line item in a separate module.

I have a NUX page where all the attributes of only the 'special regions' that is R1 filtered with the above line item, dsiplayed for the end user to review. Within this I also have a grid table which displays the projects (R2) and some attributes pertaining to these projects, set up with synchronized hierarchy selection. For example, If I select a special region from the grid on the top (R1 list with special region boolean filter), projects that roll up to these regions display in the second grid with its respective attributes.

PROBLEM: Since R1 as a list has two sets of data within, that is special region and non-special region, in this particular NUX report i wish to see only special region and its respective projects. So i would like to create another filter that only shows projects of the special region and not all region. Problem however is on the sync selection, say for example i select a special region and if the special region does not have a project under it, the table that displays the projects shows the previous selection of special region instead of empty. I wish to acheive the latter so if there is NO projects under a special region, just display empty table.

Note: I know that this works properly in standalone basis that is if the report grid 1 has only special region for the users to select, then grid 2 would automatically only shows projects based on grid 1 selection. However, problem is there are other pages/reports where users have access to entire R1 list and/or R1 list filtered with non-special region, so when user navigates back into the report with R1 (special region filter) and projects grid the latter's automatically syncing with R1 (non special region) which could lead to confusion in the reading of the data if the user doesnt reselect in the page.



  • Instead of using filters have you thought about using subsets? Then create separate reports for special region projects and non special region projects.

  • @josephwood That wasn't considered because the initial plan was for the business to see special region and non special region together in one report and the "special boolean" being just another attribute however now organically things have developed to a point where some reports bifurcate the two. I would say like 5% of them.

    Now as we have it we're facing this issue albeit a little trivial from grander scheme of things but yeah would like to iron out the selection inconsistencies.

  • If I am understanding your question, it sounds like you should create a filtered view for the R2 grid on your page that displays only projects whose parent has the Special Region Boolean checked in the corresponding R1 attribute module. (Or if you have an attribute module for the R2 projects, you can create a Boolean line item to identify them and use that for your filter.) Set up the filtered view of your R2 data. Then only R2 projects of R1 special regions would be included on the 2nd grid to start with, and it should sync to the selected R1 special region when it is selected on the top grid.

    In the short term (or if I didn't understand the problem correctly), you might want to consider displaying the context selector in use as a label on the R2 grid. That would allow the end user to quickly see if the list of R2 projects has synchronized to a R1 non-special region that was selected elsewhere in the app. You could also add a text card with a caution/instructions.

  • @lindascott

    I'm afriad that would not be possible. Let me give more context as to why:

    1) All R1 special projects needs to be displayed in grid 1 as there are attributes that needs to be seen for all special regions whether or not there are projects under them.

    2) So we could have a special region 'X' with two projects under it (R2) 'X-1' & 'X-2' while Special Region 'Y' may have no projects under it. Problem here I have applied filters to the dimension to restrict the page to special regions, now if I select X, i see the data correctly below in grid 2 that displays R2.= but when i select Y i continue to see data of X in grid 2 since Y does not have data in R2. This may confuse the end user since they may overlook the context selector displayed in the grid card as the general expectation is all cards sync to the selection