target with more dimension than source



I have source module by GEO and ORG,

However, I have target module by GEO and Time dimension.

In the source module there is a mapping between GEO and ORG, So the line item is list formatted. How do I get the mapping to the target module.

For example, if GEO 1 is mapped to ORG 1, I should get that in the target dimension.



  • Anmol14

    Hi @nibandha
    To test your case,

    I have taken two lists(List 1, List 2) in Test-Comm module(not dimensioned by time)

    In another module Test-Comm 2-Time, I have taken List 1 and Time as my dimension.

    Here is a manual mapping between List 1 and List 2

    Make sure you keep Last-NonBlank as the summary.

    You can refer 'Test' line item to the line item in Test Comm 2-Time, and the data will fall through.