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Hi Anaplanners,

I have a module where I want to apply DCA on "a" line item. The logic should be that if no region is checked, all regions should have write access, but if any region is checked, only that selected region should have write access, and the other regions should only have read access. The "Region" list used in this module has no top level.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance!

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  • andrewtye
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    Hi @Saisri8568

    It would be substantially easier to have a parent level on the list then could use that to drive the final boolean for the DCA.

    Otherwise would need to have a "fake" single list item and have a module that does something like the below blueprint (but alligning better to Planual)

    which then gives these outputs


  • Hi @Saisri8568

    To do this create a line item for DCA Write driver. The logic for that should be the "if a then true else if a[select:region.all] then false else true"

    Make sure to keep the summary of "a" line item as ANY. This should work fine.



  • Thanks @rishabh01 for the answer.

    But, what if the list doesn't have any top-level? What should we do in that case?