how to import 8.5.3 Activity: Import Data into Volume Inputs Module

i am trying to import but i cont please help me to do this

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  • kpasko
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    In Step 1. you need to adjust Header and First Row values to reflect the structure of .csv file.
    Then in Step 2 try playing around with Date format Pattern.


  • Hi,

    Could you please provide a little bit more details like screenshots of errors etc. for the rest of us to see where the source of the problem is?

  • i am very much trouble in mapping7.2.4 activity also

  • hii

    This is the errors if i put any line item it showing the same error like this.

  • Hi,

    The best practice and the most efficient way to map the imports in AP is to use unique values as Codes.

    Use the same file and play around with mapping of E2 Employees not by name but by the code.