Sum function not working correctly


Hi, I have a data module with Dimension E3-Emp. This data module has following dimensions as List type Line items (Site, Tier, Rate, Tenure)

When I try to create a module to group Emp HC by Site, Tier, Rate, Tenure and E1-Emp Class ( Super Parent for Emp). The result doenst look good.

My formula

'DATA01 EMP Roster'.HC[SUM: 'DATA01 EMP Roster'.Current Step Plan, SUM: 'DATA01 EMP Roster'.Tier, SUM: 'DATA01 EMP Roster'.Rate Methodology, SUM: 'DATA01 EMP Roster'.Site]

Is there a limit on number of mappings I can use in SUM Function?

I tried to adding them one by one, as soon as I add Site to the formula, it breaks.


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  • sagarkpr
    Answer ✓

    please ignore this question. I see what I was doing wrong. Context filter was not correct