BREAKBACK - Is it possible to release one cell that have just been hold


Hello Anaplan,

Using breakback we can hold cell by cell to keep an amount. We can then "release all" hold cells of the grid. But is there a way to release only one cell ?

Exemple :

Hold cell 1

Hold cell 2

Finally release cell 1 only



  • With breakback you can use DCA to select which cells are held so you should be able to do it with that

  • Hi @Celine.P

    in addition to @josephwood 's answer, which is very insightful, i was wondering: what is the issue with the built-in functionality to release a single cell?

    in the example below you can see how, by doing right-click on a given cell, you are presented with the option to Release just that single cell or All the cells. In my example, cells flagged as "1" and "2" are held, while cell "3" can be released individually (it was previously held).

    Sorry if I did not fully understand your question, I hope this helps.