How does using a module as a filter works?

Lets see if i can explain my self,

I am giving support to a Model which in the UX of the app has filters on top that come from a filter module, they requested me to add a new filter to filter by rep and there is already like 3 filters with that description, but when I add them to the card they don´t work.

Filter Module:

Module to filter:

Is there any documentation I could read on how to use a filter as a module or any Idea how to make this filter work for filtering the REP line item? If more information is required please let me know.



  • Venki9902
    edited May 2023

    Hi @JosAngel94 ,

    You have already have "view by rep" in you filter module right.
    As I can see it has formula, if user wants to select the rep then you can remove and add that line item in your UX page then in your main module you can add one more filter using your filtered module line item("view by rep").

    Hope this helps:)


  • Arnab116
    edited May 2023

    Hi @JosAngel94 ,

    In the module to filter, create a line item "Filter" and write a formula having logic where it should be true when either of the conditions will be selected from the filter module.

    In your scenario try the formula :

    IF (ISBLANK(View By Sales Organisation) OR View By Sales Organisation= Sales Organisation ) AND (ISBLANK(View By status) OR View By Status = Status) THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE.

    And use this Filter line item as a filter in the module.

    Hope this helps!