Blank sections in Start Date and Time (UTC)


Why are there blank sections in the Start Date and Time (UTC) column in the actions tab and actions settings?

Surely the first time the action was run would log a date and time stamp? If not, then what is the cut off period when this becomes blank?

Chris Heathcote

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  • tfearns
    edited May 2023 Answer ✓

    Couple of examples I can think of:

    Using ALM

    If you setup an action (whether you run it or not) in your Dev model, create a revision and sync the change into your production model. I don't think you would have a time stamp in this instance as you haven't run the action in the production model.

    You don't run the action when first setting it up

    When you setup your action and have mapped all the items, you have the option to run import or you can click "OK". If you click ok that would register the action on the actions list, but it wouldn't have been run.