FX Rates Conversion

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I have two list one is Local currency and other one is Reporting Currency

In Local Currency I have SGD and USD but in Reporting Currency I have Local Currency and EUR as list items. The Data is coming in the Input FX Rates via the Hub and the rates are update monthly and then the Data flows into Data FX Rates modules which is yearly

In the reporting module I have two entities both have a mapping of Currency. So the cost centers which belong to that entity has the currency mapping. So in the output module the values are pulled LOOKUP basis on the currency but now the user need to convert the local SGD to USD. Initially I was converting the SGD to EUR and USD to EUR now they want to have USD in reporting as well in the Output module so any suggestions.

All I need is to convert the SGD to EUR back again in USD for SGD. So any suggestions


Riyaz Pasha