How to get Previous week vales

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I want to get prevous year week values . Without hardcoiding means


How can i achevie that

Previous year is week format & when ever the 53 week comes that data come that show not go current year 1 st week


  • kpasko

    I am not 100% sure what is the end goal of this, but it sounds like you could try using OFFSET and maybe RANK to try finding solution to this.

  • kishoreanimi
    edited May 2023

    i want to get previous year weeks to the current year . but Whenever the the 53rd week comes thats should be stand alone . which means the 2022 53 rd shouldld not comes to 1st week of 2024 . But Offset will not work bcz of timeperiod format and don;t know about the rank

  • @kishoreanimi

    Have you tried the AddYear() function? That returns a date and then you can wrap that function within the Period() function.