How to select multiple recipients - Notification Action


I am trying to use the Send Notification function in New UX (action) but it is not allowing me to add multiple recipients even single recipient. See attached screenshot. How does this function work so it will allow me to set multiple recipients? Thanks!


  • Hi @ma_ana

    Try refreshing and setting up the notification action again. Then try searching through first name in the box.


  • Hello Himanshu,

    Thanks, I tried this but still doesnt work. Any other suggestions?

  • Hi @ma_ana

    Would be good to check the that the person you are trying to search in notification has been added to the model with the same name or not.

    If it has been added, then you can contact Anaplan support as it seems some technical issue.


  • @ma_ana the way you get a name to appear is by typing a name then click on the enter key. You will have to type in at least the whole first name before you click on the enter key. E.g. if you want to add Jason Smith, you have to type in the name "Jason" then click on the enter key before Jason Smith appears in the dropdown selection. The useability for this is pretty bad.