Schedule vs. Snapshot of Line Items


I have a schedule with two line items below showing exactly how the parenthesis should be. When the snapshot is taken, the parenthesis shows differently (second screenshot).

Does anyone have an idea of why there would be a difference in the line items after the snapshot has been taken?



  • @wbroughton

    Yeah, different lists or different line items. You will need to look at the modules and see what is defined for the row axis.

  • @rob_marshall I do notice that there are 2 different source modules between the Schedule and Snapshot. So could it be as simple as the line item was just typed out that way for the source module?

  • @wbroughton

    Yes, it could be that or that both modules are using different lists on the row axis. The only way you are going to know is to go into the modules and see how they were designed and what line items/lists they are using.

  • In both screenshots for the row Axis, they have Line Items. Based off of this, I'm thinking when the line items were written out during the build-out of the module, that's how they were written.


  • @wbroughton

    Then yes, they just named them differently.