Time related question


I have 2 modules with year and entity as dimensions. In 1st module I am performing some calculations based on the result I am going to eliminate some of the entities. I want to bring only the remaining entities into my another module. How can I achieve this.


  • Hi @SHAH

    You can create a boolean in your first module to check for the entities that aligns with your results. Then you can use that to create a list subset of those relevant entities and use that as your dimension in the other module.

  • Hi @SHAH ,

    One way is you can do it as @rishabh01 suggested
    in your module1 add boolean line item mapping then in the second module add the filter to show the items which has mapping as true.

    Hope this helps :).


  • TristanS

    @SHAH you can use the results in module 1 to generate a list subset against your entity dimension. E.g. call the list subset "ss entity: module1 subset". In the second module have "ss entity: module1 subset" as the dimension rather than entity. You will need an action to create the list subset. Hope this helps