Integrating Anaplan to informatica


I am getting some errors while integrating Anaplan to informatica, I have an Anaplan export action which I am using to send data to a table through informatica, however it is failing with separator cannot be null or empty error. I am wondering if I need to have the export definition in a particular format or if it's something to do with the Anaplan connector.

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  • MilanaSkoko
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    Hi @SHAH, On page 8 of this guide, you can find the Limitations and Testing Settings. Among other things, export actions must use one of the following as a column separator:

    • Comma (,)
    • Semi-colon (;)
    • Tab
    • Pipe (|)

    You can change the delimiter directly in the Model, when Editing the export definition. If this doesn't resolve it, try to follow all recommendations from the guide when formatting the export and connection. Let us know if this helps!