Doubt in Modeling: Team + User + Project + Project Category

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Summary of items:
P1 Project List # (List of projects created in the system)
A20 Fake user List # (Custom built users List)
A10 Team List (Teams within the organization)
R3 Project Category List (Important, Not Important, Semi Important)

1) Project Category is an attribute of Project List, this is assigned using a module and an action. User is assigned to a team again using an attribute action and module.

2) A user from (A20) is assigned to a project as either a 'project lead' (line item) or as a 'project member' (line item). There can be only ONE project lead while there can be multiple project members. This is again done in a module.

3) Based on the above point. a single project can have various users across different teams working on them.

Problem statement: I was stuck in a particular use case wherein I would like to see a donut graph of Project Category, wherein end user selects a particular Team and every projects under the team get categorized in R3 Project Category List.

A team is not associated with a project, A team is linked to its members/ team lead, and they're in turn assigned to a project.

I was able to achieve the graph- however with limitations:
a module dimensioned:

A20 Fake User LIST [Row Header] > P1 Project List [Row Header] > With A10 Team list as drop down selector.
Line items of the above module
→ Check user is Project Lead or Project Member using Looking up (Line item). LI1
→A boolean to check if user is from Team (A10) based on attribute module.
→List formatted line item to identify the Project Category (R3)
→ Count Line Item to count if LI1 is true.

However, the above duplicates the value. Say User X works in Project ABC as lead and User Y works in Project ABC as member, both gets counted when that should not be the case as its duplication.

help would be appreicated.



  • Could you share your blueprints / data views and the intended donut result (maybe with an excel mockup) ?

  • Hi @david.savarin

    Apologies for the late reply.

    Here's what I'm trying to achieve:

    1) End-User selects the team from the first grid. And the attributes of the team gets displayed in the second grid:

    2) Back end view of the second grid:

    3) What I'm trying to achieve is this:

    Somehow get number of projects by category by team.

    Hope this helps