Cross-workspace data link vs. Import from Model in another workspace


Hello - I'm trying to understand the exact functionality of "workspace data link" as defined in Anaplan's Professional level contract. I did a search and didn't find a truly clear answer, but rather one that sounded like importing from one model to another where they exist in two separate workspaces. "Data link" implies something different to me. Thanks!


  • It s the ability to perform operations on models between different workspaces (like importing and syncing)

  • So you can't have a data hub in a separate workspace unless you have this functionality as listed in Anaplan's Professional package? Said differently, if you have Anaplan's Basic package, you can't have/leverage a data hub workspace?

  • @njduncanson here's a good link that shows the license differences. You should have datalink with professional edition license. Talk to your Anaplan business partner (Anaplan employee assigned to your account) to get exact details. You'll definitely want to have datalink if you have separate workspaces. If you don't know your business partner you can ask your account executive (sales).

  • @njduncanson that s correct with the basic edition your contract doesnt allow to link models across workspaces and to typically host datahubs in a separate ws than spokes