I have created a ranked formula but when I go to sum the total it brings in the sum of all accounts

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I am dimensioned across account, time, and practice. My formula looks like this

IF Top Account Filter THEN 'Actual + Expected' ELSE 0. It seems to work with out a time dimension.


  • Hi @Jbrawley

    Could you elaborate more with some screenshots as it would help figure out the issue for community


  • Based on your description, it seems like you have a formula that applies a filter condition on the top account and calculates the sum of 'Actual + Expected' values. However, you mentioned that it works without a time dimension. If you're encountering issues when adding a time dimension, here are a few suggestions:

    Check the time dimension compatibility: Ensure that the time dimension you are using is compatible with the formula. Verify that the time dimension is correctly linked to the data and aligns with the granularity of your 'Actual + Expected' values.
    Validate time dimension filter conditions: If you are applying additional filters related to the time dimension, double-check the filter conditions to ensure they are accurately filtering the desired time period. Incorrect filter conditions can lead to unexpected results.
    Review the data model: Examine the structure of your data model to confirm that all necessary relationships and mappings between dimensions and measures are correctly defined. Ensure that the time dimension is appropriately linked to the relevant measures.
    Consider using time-specific functions: Depending on your reporting tool or data analysis platform, there may be specific functions or expressions that are designed for handling time-related calculations. Explore the available functions and consider using them to incorporate the time dimension in your formula.

  • Thanks for answers, it helped me alot.

  • Thanks for the answers, it helped me alot. 😂Sorry it took so long to get back. I appreciate the help and I had to get a SA to help me. It took him a while to complete it and not sure if I can explain it.

    I do really appreciate the time it took to respond.

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