Summary settings to Formula Issue


Hi All,

I have a module dimensioned with 4 lists, version and time.

In one of the line-item I have this formula below, which has a division:-

IF    ITEM('L2 One-off Components') = 'sys99_Lookups'.Care THEN  'dat20_One-off Credits Actuals'.Revenue / Days in Month ELSE 0

The issue I'm having is that when I go to the summary setting for the line-item with this formula, I can't set it to FORMULA.

Is the formula the reason for this issue? and is there a work around to set the summary as FORMULA?



  • Hi @innocent

    It may be possible that the line item referenced in the formula doesn't have summary on. That's why Anaplan couldn't find a value corresponding to the parent levels and doesn't allow 'Formula' as a summary option.

    Turn on the referenced line item's summary as per your requirement and it should work.



  • Monpero

    Hi @ShubhamCh

    Thanks for the response, the referenced line item's summary is turned on yet the issue persist.

    1. Check the line-item settings: Make sure that the line-item is set to the correct data type. If it is set as a numeric data type, it might prevent you from setting the summary as FORMULA. Change the data type to "Formula" or "Automatic" if possible.
    2. Check module dimensions: Ensure that all the dimensions used in the formula (e.g., 'L2 One-off Components', 'sys99_Lookups', 'dat20_One-off Credits Actuals') are present in the module and are spelled correctly. If any of the dimensions are missing or spelled incorrectly, it could cause issues with setting the summary as FORMULA.
    3. Verify access and permissions: Confirm that you have the necessary access and permissions to modify line-item settings and set the summary as FORMULA. Sometimes, certain user roles or access restrictions can limit the ability to make changes to formulas.
    4. Contact support: If the issue persists, it might be helpful to reach out to the support team of the software or platform you are using. They can provide more specific guidance based on the software version and any potential limitations or bugs.