Anaplan -mulesoft connection timeout


Our mulesoft team is reporting that since two weeks prior anaplan is giving time out to them, they have expanded their timeout to two minutes which is alot.

Has there been any news with this api or integration or errors that might appear?

Any ideas on what to check?


  • Hi @JosAngel94 ,

    Does the issue still persist?
    If yes,
    1. Was there any recent change in Anaplan credentials or other configuration details?
    2. did we check the connection of Anaplan outside MuleSoft with the details passed in MuleSoft?

    3. Did we check the log in MuleSoft for why are we getting timeout issues?

    Maybe if the above details are correct and still the issue exists then reach out to the support teams of both Anaplan and MuleSoft. Provide them with specific details about the connection timeout error, along with any relevant logs or error messages. They should be able to assist you with further troubleshooting steps and resolution.

    Hope this helps :).