Level 3 - Sprint 2


Hello -

This is the best i can do here. Can you please give me direction on where I am going wrong, i am not getting to the number that they have on the training screen shot. There were suggestions to go back through all the user stories and look at every little detail. I did all that i can, went through everything but i do not see the 'little' detail. Can you please provide a pointer on what little detail to deep dive into? Sorry but in real life, we would be given the chance to ask questions and to collaborate with users/coworkers/SA, etc.


  • MJM

    No need to apologize, as you practice more and continue learning you will pick up patterns of reasoning to identify root cause of data issues. There are really four places to look for the cause of this issue:

    1. Source Data
    2. Transformations (change in dimensionality of data)
    3. Calculations (performed on transformed source data)
    4. Output (consider dimensionality as well)

    If you start at the output, what dimension(s) are being affected? Is it a single item or many items that are affected? Follow the steps backward and double check your calculations and how the data is being transformed between dimensions? Does the logic make sense?

    If your calculations are correct and any re-dimensionalization of the data aligns with the business context, is the data aggregated correctly from the source data into the calculation and output modules?

    If nothing else, is there an issue with the source data? Was it loaded correctly? Was it unintentionally corrupted?

    In one of these areas, you are sure to find the answer you are looking for.

    Think back through the problem and generate a clear problem statement for what data is incorrect. What is the scope of data that is incorrect? Then follow the reasoning and let me know what you come up with.

  • @MJM - Hello, thank you for your input. Sorry, i have gone down any avenue possible but I am not finding the issue. I reloaded the data just to make sure something didn't get dropped along the way but that did not address the issue. At this point, i would really appreciate if someone can tell if anything in my calcs is off or if it is a set up I did wrong. I honestly feel as this is very unfair as we are not even allowed to communicate or have a discussion on a given issue. I have sat on this for about a week now trying anything that i know about Anaplan.

    What is the scope of the data that is incorrect? How can it be incorrect if my totals have matched all along the training? How could I venture what data is incorrect? I am given a set of data, i worked with it, and i match to what the training wants me to match to. .Any screen shot provided by the training, i have made sure to match to it. The total that i have for Janell matches across all modules. The output is essentially made of three main components - from what i know how to do, this looks correct to me. I dont know if a single line item is impacted or multiple. In the workforce, we meet and have discussions, we drill into the logic, we clarify the user stories to come to a solution. Where as here, i am given vague directions and go figure it out. What if I never figure this out? Or is the expectation that I keep going in circle till the answer comes to me? I am not sure what the issue is, this is why i wrote in the community. As a developer, i don't troubleshoot my own logic, the users would test and let me know why the numbers are off. And quite honestly, some users would even provide detailed explanation or the math behind the numbers that helps with understanding what the logic should be.

    At this point this is not really helping me grow nor learn. How could one ever learn if the mistake is not pointed out?! Perhaps this comes to all of you naturally and this is easy for you to do but it is not for me. I have given this exam all that i have and I cannot take this anymore. And I am yet to take the final exam - there is no telling how vague the questions are there. I am scared and frighten to take it. Is there anyone on Anaplan training team that can get on a call to help me understand where i am going wrong with this?

    Thank you