TAR01 Initial Account Sales Target


I am stuck at the final step in L3 6.3

not able to get the numbers to match from the lesson to my build. What am i doing wrong. Everything checked out until this point

this is the expected result

and this is my build


  • MJM

    Hello! The first step in this situation is to clearly identify the problem. Are we comparing the 'Initial Country Sales Target' from the second view to 'Q1 FY20' column from the first view?

    What are the dimensions of your data? What about dimensions for the source data that feeds into 'TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets'?

    Follow the logic to the source. Are we correctly aggregating between modules and dimensions, or is something causing the values to aggregate differently than expected?

    I also observe the expected data has distinct numbers for each of the rows. The second view seems to replicate the same value for all rows in the same Product Family (Chocolate vs Sours). Perhaps you are aggregating all of the rows by Product Family and bringing in that same value for each row.

    Take another look after reading this and see what you can find. Let me know if you have any other questions.