Level 3 - help


Is there anyone on Anaplan training team that can get on a call to help me understand where i am going wrong with this? Can we arrange for a brief call? Re-loading the data didnt work. I have checked anything i know how to check. Is it possible for someone to get in my model and check my work to let me know where i have gone wrong?

This is what i am getting but the screen shot in the training has something different


  • Hi @sdavidko@ciena.com ,

    As it is a level 3 model building, we should not be supposed to see other model builders' work.
    Maybe can you share the file which you are loading and the mappings of it.

    That will help you to resolve your issue.


  • Hi @sdavidko@ciena.com ,

    Start at Sprint 1 again. You missed some specific steps related to basis of calculation.