Import Shipping Expenses into OTH01 Module 


I have been stuck on this for hours can someone please help me

I also noticed when mapping, There seems to be an extra location called Bombay. I don't know where this came from and cannot map it. It looks like Montereal is also spelled incorrectly. I did not create these lists so I do not know if I should change them. Can you please show me a step by step instruction on how to solve this? I do not know where I am going wrong

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  • JaredDolich
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    This is a very common problem. You used an old G3 location file for level 1. Here's a couple of suggestions for you.

    First, create a new line item in your OTH1 module for the import. No reason to ruin your Level 1 application or change the values.

    Second, as @Venki9902 suggested either reimport G3 location, or if it's just Montreal giving you problems, you can add it to the G3 list for the purposes of getting this task done. Don't worry, there are no test questions on this step.

    Finally, add Bombay.


  • Hi @Carlos3k ,

    The error is due to montreal list item is not present in G3 location list,
    Did you import G3 location list?
    Yes, in G3 location list we have Mumbai also, that is expected only.

    Hope this helps :).


  • Carlos3k
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    Thank you !