Level 1 ModelBuilder - How to make the time period extend to capture prior/future years?


I have downloaded all the csv files and have successfully loaded them with one exception. The data for 2019 and 2021 is not showing up for me - only data for 2020. I believe its a time setting issue. Can someone help me figure out how to widen the time to include the year prior and future year?

For example: I am in Lesson 11 right now and only 2020 data shows. I realized the issue a few lessons back but didn't mind it until now.




  • kpasko


    I am not sure at what stage the Time Settings were introduced in Level 1, but the adjustments to Time can be made in blueprint of the module in the following place:

    These Time Ranges can be set up in Times section and by choosing Time Ranges:

    Hope this helps,