Level mismatch in trying to bring data


Hi I have this scenario where I need to bring in data from

a source which is dimensionalized by Product L3 (leaf) level and Account to

a target which is dimensionalized by Product L3 (leaf) level and Area.

Mapping table has Product L1 (Top level of Product) and Account. It has Area as list formatted line item for mapping purposes.

If the mapping table would have only Account, then I could use SOURCETABLE.Lineitem[SUM:MappingTable.ListFormattedAreaLineItem]

However, since the mapping table also has Product L1 Top level as one dimension, It throws Level mismatch error.

Therefore checking to see how I can resolve this issue.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


  • Hi @nibandha

    Follow these steps:

    1. Create another mapping module with Product L3 and Account dimension with list formatted area line item
    2. Bring data from Mapping module 1 (dimensioned by Product Level 1, Account) to mapping module 2 using Lookup. This can be easily achieved as mapping against Product L1 will map to each L3 product under that L1
    3. Now in your main target module you can use sum via mapping module 2


  • @nibandha

    Is there a mapping between Account and Area?