L1 Help — 9.2.5 Activity: Add Formulas to Price Growth Rates Staging Module


Hi there everyone! 

I am stuck on L1 9.2.5 Activity: Add Formulas to Price Growth Rates Staging Module. I am not getting an error, but my data in the REV04 Price Growth Rates module is not moving forward into REV05, even though I am using the lookup formulas the lesson provided, and I can see that REV05 is accessing the cells in REV04. Can anyone help me out with this?


  • saket22

    The subsidiary view options appearing in your screenshots indicate that something is wrong with the dimensions of REV05 module.

    It should have G3 Locations and P2 Products only. The time scale should be that of a Year. You can go to the blue print view and check.

  • Hi @HenriRichardson123 ,

    The values your were not able to get is due to subsidery view.
    check you blueprint similer to below screenshot.

    Hope this helps :).


  • Hello, my data cannot move to REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging, can someone help me? Thanks!

  • Hello @VIVIANMO ,

    In your module "REV04 Price Growth Rates", time scale should be "Year" not Month. Please change and then you will be able to see data in REV05.



  • @Vamsi_Kaki It works, thank you so much!