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Hello Community

I want to export my data according to selected SKU and Country. What is the best practice and How it is done and below is the view for your reference. Dummy 1,2,3,4 is line item.
Please let me know how it is done.
Thankyou in Advance.


Jeeva .K


  • Hi, I am not sure how you have selected the above grid whether you have selected it manually or by filter, but if you have selected it manually then you should create a saved view and take an export. this is as per the best practice.

    If you are using filter, then it is well n good because next time whenever you need to take an export you can filter and take an export by using same saved view. Hope this will help you.

  • Venki9902
    edited May 2023

    Hi @JEEVAK ,

    The best solution for your question is by doing driver selection, meaning create one sys module where you can create two list formatted line items SKU and Country then in the second module goto the filter then apply with line items which were created in the first module.

    Hope this helps :).