Hello Everyone, I have a question. The button below "Show Accounts without Category mapping" but as you see in the table "List of Accounts and Mapping", accounts are showing up that have category mapping. Does anyone know the possible reason for this and potential solutions on how this can be resolved?


  • skarki


    Are those two section of same modules? if yes, then you may need use new line item to filter, which should be formula based and should check if button is checked or not. Once, you use formula to create new line item , you could use that line item in filter section to create view from module and publish that view.

  • anirudh

    Can you check if the module is a custom view or a saved view? Either ways a screenshot of the filters applied on the view would help!

  • @skarki @anirudh "List of Accounts and Mapping (SYS06 Module)" and "Show accounts without category mapping (SYS17 Module)" are in two different modules. I've attached both screenshots for reference. Thank you!