CAGR Formula Issue



I would like to write a CAGR formula in Anaplan and don't know how to go about it.

Below is the formula.

(Ending Value/Beginning Value) ^ (1/No. of Periods) – 1

Each time I try this formula Anaplan throws an error invalid formula. It seems Anaplan does not recognize this ^ sign.

Please any workaround or suggestion how to go about this?


Best Answers

  • HimanshuRaj
    edited May 2023 Answer ✓

    @innocent You need to use "Power" function as Anaplan does not support "^" this sign. You can learn more about Power function from anapedia.

  • skarki
    Answer ✓

    I believe you could use (Power((Ending Value/Beginning Value),(1/No. of Periods) ) -1). May be you could create two separate line items and use them inside power function to simplify calculation.