How to look up a line item in a line item subset? LIS help!!!


How do I lookup a combination of a line item and a line item subset, like lookup a line item in a module that has a line item subset?

Basically we have a module (processing costs) that pulls in values for our GL data, for example Panel Production Volume M3/8s is 94,374 for May 2023. We have other modules that reference this line item vale.

What we want is to give the user override ability for these line items. I create a line item subset based on this module and made a new module (processing costs test). As you can see, OG Cost line item I just do COLLECT(), and there is override functionality that can be done to calculate a Final value.

In other modules, how do I reference that combination of Panel Production Volume M3/8ths AND Final? As it stands, I just reference the line item in the Processing Costs module. I created a lookup module with the LIS as the line item format and selected each one, so basically choose the Final line item and use a lookup function to that lookup module, it doesnt work…

So how do I reference that FINAL line item in the module that has a line item subset? I hope this was clear enough. Thanks so much for any help.



  • Hi @jakesachs

    You were going right, you have to make a lis formatted line item and use that for your lookup purpose. Reason it wouldn't have worked is because that "Final" line item must be ticked as summary in blueprint mode of the original module. Turn that off and you're good to go