Missing Customer from Customer Hierarchy in the Spoke Model but not in Data Hub


I have a customer that is located in our spoke model, but it is not show in our data hub where the customer hierarchy lives. There is a daily process to push the CH into the spoke model. The client also stated this customer has been around for years and should be present in the hierarchy, but the source file does not have the customer in it. What would be the causation of the customer showing in the spoke but not the Data hub?


  • @michaelpfender

    If it is not in the data hub but is in the spoke model, I would check a couple of things:

    • does the client wipe and reload the customer list in the data hub in the daily load? If so, it is very likely this customer was in there at one point but now is no longer. And due to this, is still in the spoke model because they are not cleaning up the hierarchy. Now that doesn't mean they should be wiping and reloading the customer hierarchy in the spoke model, but cleaning it up by deleting old customers…I know this is not part of the question, but it sounds like the customer could take advantage of some masterdata management.
    • If the customer should be there (in the data hub) and is not, they need to look at how the source data is being created. Are there filters (on the source side) that is excluding the customer?


  • Misbah

    @michaelpfender There could be lot of reasons.

    Data Hub also had this Customer and it was deleted from it but not was not deleted from Spoke

    Data Hub Default View has this Customer available but the Saved View excludes this customer

    Customer Hierarchy was directly loaded into Spoke initially.

    Whatever the reason it is for sure that if the Customer is present in the Spoke and the hierarchy load has always come from DH then it must have gotten deleted in the DH .



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