Can we choose the line item for which the context selector should be applied on a page?

I have a page which has a context selector based on a dimension A.
I have a module shown as grid in the same page which has four line items(a,b,c,d) whose Format is dimension A(List)>
I want to make sure that everytime I a dimension in the context selector it should refer to line item d , currently it is referring to line item b.

Any help will be appreciated

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  • This is not an elegant solution but it could give you what you want.

    1. in the module your are showing on the grid from your screenshot, go to the blueprint and add the list used as format in the line item "Initiative validated" to the "apply to", but only to the top line for the whole module. This will create a subsidiary view for each and every line item in the module (that should keep the original dimensionality)
    1. then create a "filter" line item that applies to the same dimensions as the module and use the formula "initiative validated = item(initiative validated dimension)"
    2. on the UX page, apply a filter on this "filter" line item.

    In my example, "Unit Status" is the equivalent to your "Initiative Validated" and my "Country" plays the role of your "initiative mapped to"




  • Venki9902
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    Hi @vfrank ,

    Your question is quite confusing would you please elaborate it, please?
    if possible kindly share the screenshot so that it will help us to resolve your question at the earliest.

    If understood correctly:
    Step1: module A has context selector details: list formatted(LIS used from module B)

    Step2: create module which LIS of module b with line item selected:

    Step3: Use the filter from mapping module to display only selected line item in the context manager:

    Hope this helps :)

  • Hi @Venki9902 ,

    PFB the screen shot

    So if you see from the above snapshot, The context selector is selected as 12.1 No workstream and it is filtering the page based on Initiative Mapped to column , I want that If I select the context selector it should filter based on Initiative Validated' column

  • Venki9902
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    Hi @vfrank ,

    I believe using the above approach mentioned in the screenshot of previous message can solve your problem :).

    Hope this helps :).


  • Hi @Venki9902

    can you explain the same using a single module .As mentioned in my screenshot

  • Hi @vfrank ,

    As per your screenshot context selector is using intiative mapped to column right instaed of that you want to filter it with intiative validated.

    So create line item for context selector to select intative validated then use the same and apply the filter and in page you can publish intative mapped related line item.

    hope this helps :)