Assistance needed adding a column filter to a UX custom view dashboard

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I'm trying to add a filter to the columns of a UX custom view and not getting the expected results. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Purpose of model – allow users to allocate employee salaries to multiple locations.

Model hierarchy:

C1 Company

C2 Balancing Unit

C3 Cost Center

C4 Provider (these are the employees)

We also have a list of locations which is a flat list.

The primary dashboard will allow users to enter %'s by employee and by location. Here is what the primary dashboard currently looks like…

The table is a custom view of a module dimensioned on C4 Provider and Location FL.  The rows are C4 Provider and filtered on the selection table at the top of the page.  The columns are Location FL.  I’m trying to add a filter to the columns in the custom view that will only show the locations that are active for the cost center selected.  Active locations are set in an ADM module as follows…

Back end view:

Front end UX view for users to make selections:

Based on current selections. I only want to see locations 10001 and 10002 to display on the primary dashboard when Emergency Medicine Main is selected.  The ADM module is dimensioned on the C3 Cost Center list, so I created a second ADM module that applies the Boolean selections at the C4 Provider level based on which cost centers are selected…

I’m thinking that if I apply a filter to the columns in the custom view of the primary dashboard that looks at my ADM03.1 Active Location? line item, it should give me the results I want.  But it does not.  When I apply the filter, no locations are displayed at all…

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    Hi @ahoshor,

    Within the App page you have selected a filter context of "Total Company" for the C4 Provider, this would be a summary point/level in the hierarchy and as such your filter line item would need to setup to include Summary. In the screenshot provided, ADM03.1 Active Location? is set to "None" as the summary method which means only the lowest level child points will be included.

    Hope that helps point you in the right direction! Have a great day!