User access

I have a scenario where the user has to see his own details only in few Dashboards and in 1 DB he should see his associate details,

If I restrict the associate to the user in the users the first option is working fine however the last DashBoard he is unable to see his associates.

If we provide all associates in Associate access then last Dashboard is working fine but he is able to see all his reportees in other 3 DB as well.

How can I fix this issue


  • Hi @SwapnaB Can you try to off show all users so that you can only see your data and for the final report you keep it on

  • SwapnaB
    edited June 5

    ok Akhil, but for which modules should I apply it .

    Lets say I have total 5 Dashboards and 1st four are associate DB and last one works as Manager db , where he will not find his data but his associates data

  • @SwapnaB You can apply that to first 4 .So in that modules only you can enter data and u cannot see other peoples data.

  • Ok Akhil, will give it a try once