Create DEM03 Demand Forecast Module

I am really stuck with the formula to be used in this module.

Would really appreciate help if someone can guide through detailed formula

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  • AkhilEmmanual
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    Hi @Smuti yes we are taking values from default forecast because if it is current year then we will take data of previous year.But if it is not current year we will not be having previous year data so we will take default forecast of previous year as baseline of next year(if 2020 is current year then baseline for 2020 is 2019 data and baseline for 2021 is default forecast of 2020)


  • Hi

    For Baseline forecast you can use this formula- IF NOT 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'1st Forecast Year?' THEN LAG(Default Forecast, 52, 0, STRICT) ELSE 'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.'Offset Volumes for 1st Forecast Year'

    Growth Rate we are actually calculating by taking weekly growth % in DEM02 module

    Default Forecast is nothing but baseline *(1+growth rate)

    you can refer to the screenshots(DEM 03 Demand Forecast Module)

    to get an idea how to calculate initial Demand forecast

  • Hi @AkhilEmmanual thanks for helping me out but with regard to baseline formula we are taking a value from default forecast but if we see the formula default forecast is dependent on baseline so how is the formula getting justified? i am sligtly confused with that aspect.

  • @AkhilEmmanual thanks for all the help!! its quite understandable now.

  • @AkhilEmmanual there is another topic for which i am having doubt and kind of stuck, could you please help. Create Inventory Ordering Overrides module

    i have created the DCA module and added below formula, however in my INV01 my checkbox isnt reflecting.

    DCA formula

    Let me know where am i making the mistake, i am unable to understand.

    Also for yellow highlighted above i have added AD02 in read and write access driver in INV01.

  • @Smuti can you show the blue print view . I think you had given DCA to Submit purchase order request? if its like that remove the DCA from there. That may be reason why you are not able to see check boxes. DCA should be Applied to Suggested Order Amount for the month.

    The model should actually look like this

  • @AkhilEmmanual here is the snip of my blueprint view, however when i make changes my dashboard isnt reflecting like yours.

    if you see as per your screenshot and mine yellow highlight is shown as blank thats not the case in yours.

    Also can you show me your DCA blueprint view to verify if i have written correct formula for each

  • @Smuti That is because for Suggested Order Amount you should give DCA based on Submit Purchase Order Request.

  • @AkhilEmmanual

    Even if i added DCA as per the screenshot you have shown my numbers arent reflecting.

  • @Smuti Can you check any boolean on submit purchase order request then it will be visible because now submit purchase order request is false that is the reason its not showing.