L3 Model Building Multiple Territory Assignments to Accounts

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There is a condition that we ensure that an account is only assigned to one territory, but I do not understand how that would be possible. I do understand how it is possible in the sense that the G4T Territory>Account# list is a numbered list, but I don't see how it's possible in terms of the order of actions. If there are no default territory assignments, then the only way to Accounts to the G4T position of the hierarchy is through the CYW+Territory+to+Accounts file load which only has one option that makes sense: given that a G4T code is not provided in the file, I would assume that this should load to an A1 Account list dimensioned module that assigns Territory to A1 Account items (which would also eliminate the possibility of multiple assignments). I also have not seen any directions that give an explanation for the SYS06 line item "Code Import".


  • mayasaur
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    Also wondering if this will be part of the build/model blueprint check for Master Annaplaner Certification?

  • Hi @mayasaur In L3 according to data they provided there are accounts which are assigned to multiple territory. For achieving that you can first load the data into a data module by taking a dummy list and from there you can concatenate territory and Account and use this as code . Like this you can assign account to multiple territory.