Variance Report Issue


Hi All,

I am creating a variance report using a custom list mapping to a native list in order to bring the data to the module with fake list.

After I sum it I noticed the Actuals data is not flowing in the actuals for the target module but in one of the version only, And other versions afre not flowing to the target module, I'm wondering is there a bug in Anaplan or something is wrong with the mapping module.

The Module data source contains actual values, below is a screen shot.

Here below is the mapping module( Dimensioned by Native version only, which is the left row below) Line item drop down contains the Fake Version List to map.

The issue is I get the Actuals Data in the Forecast (This module also have the user list in the dimension)

Below is the source Module data which has data for Actuals.

What is the likely course of this? Is there a workaround on fixing it?


  • ravi
    edited June 2023

  • @innocent I think you had checked actual as current version that may be reason why only actual data is flowing. Its better to run an import action rather than connecting it with formula.You can directly import data from NR T06 to NR T07. I think all the dimensions are same in these 2 modules only difference are default version and your version list just map them while importing.

  • Monpero

    Thank you @ravi and @AkhilEmmanual for the suggestions.