Had L2S3 erased and then recovered now issue with all inventory numbers showing 0


All models were erased but Anaplan recovered them, but now all my L2S3 that deal with inventory, beginning, reorder, forecast etc, in my Supply Chain models are zeroed out. I have the numbers in my Data Hub models but can't seem to move them to the Supply Chain models.

Any Suggestions?




  • @MPWall, Check all the import actions in your Spoke(supply chain model) and try to rerun them. You should be able to import values from your Datahub to spoke model.

    Hope this solves your problem.


    Balarama krishna D

  • MPWall

    If my Imports 1.1 load size flat, through 1.6 Load SKU details are all missing their data, I have to rebuild everything from Level 1 which wasn't recoverable?

  • No need to rebulid. The imports are thorugh .csv files. You need to reupload the original Load size.csv file again for this import to work without any errors.

    Please find the original file and reupload the file and then run the import process.

    Balarama krishna D